Monday, April 22, 2013

the rice cake and the rice cake lady

This is the third time that I get to see this old lady cooking and selling her rice cakes by the road. Her spot is a stone's throw from the town market. Her rice cakes are unique to me. I was born and raised in Ilocos Norte and my grandmother prepares puto differently or should I say the more known way of preparing and cooking rice cakes or puto.

In that steel basin are roughly milled rice which she strains before she puts some on an empty coconut shell. Then she adds some bukayo or young coconut meat caramelized with muscovado sugar or brown sugar. Then she strains over it some more of the rice flour.

Then she presses the whole thing a bit into the shell to form those round shaped buns. Then she puts them on top of an improvised steamer and covers it for some time until the rice cakes are cooked.

 Then they're good to go!

My husband bought some for me. The texture is a bit rough to the tongue, unlike the puto I am accustomed to eating. Pero siyempre I love to experiment and taste "new" food!

It tastes good! It tastes so good I ate three of it. I love the bukayo in the center. Here in the puto it looks like siopao no?! :)

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