Friday, November 29, 2013

agate bracelets for healing

I also make agate bracelets which comes in cute boxes. Agates are fine grained microcrystalline variety of silica, mainly variegated chalcedony. They are found in various  kinds of rocks but they are more associated with volcanic rocks. The stone’s name was given by the Greek philosopher and naturalist, Theophrastus.  Theophrastus discovered the stone along the Achates River (now called Dirillo, Sicily). They are very hard stones used in jewelries. The colors are arranged in stripes or patches.   

This is a Botswana agate. Looks really awesome no?

It is believed that agate stones helps in healing, attract strength and protects the wearer from bad dreams, stress, and energy drains. Agates with banded colors were placed at the head of a sleeper to give rich and varied dreams.

These stones are also used for stomach upsets. The agate can't change emotions, but helps to change the level of acceptance of the emotion. Like when you are very sad the agate will “let you know” that this will pass and help you get on to another and better day. This is why the Agate is considered so powerful as it gives us the strength to carry on. Carry an agate when you have to make an important decision.

Agates, especially the blue agate, have a balancing and healing energy and soothing effect to the wearer. These stones can heal more than chrysocholla, turquoise, aquamarine, celestite and other powerful blue healers of the earth. Agate is also inexpensive.

The blue agate is considered as the most powerful of the healing stones. The energies of other agates are expressed by their colours. The fire red agate will have the same healing energy as the blue agate, but in a more energized manner, while the green agate will heal and refresh the mind and body. 

Agate is also considered to be protective, as well as grounding, so it is often combined with Dzi beads to create feng shui bracelets of various designs. 

here is one of the agate bracelets i sell.

it comes with a free and cute box, nice for gift giving and 
at a very affordable price Ph280.00 each

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

simply pretty watches in cute boxes!

and that's the most awfully cute title i've ever used for one of my posts! i forgot to add a title when i posted this and i just added it this morning. :) I know it’s been almost a week since the last post. I was kind of busy. But I would like to share some pictures of cutesy watches in cutesy gift boxes for girls and girls at heart!

I’ve been trying to find these watches, çoz I really like the leather bracelets and the bracelets look really leather sexy if there’s such a term! You can wear them in class, to dates with your special someone, to dates with the friends, family dates, or just for going around!

The gift boxes makes it easy for you to just hand it over to the one you would like to give it to. No ribbon making and gift wrapping hassle to stress you out. And the receiver or buyer can reuse the box for trinkets, anything that you would like to store in it, or just to use it as display. The watch may come with a free extra battery, until battery supplies last.

I sell the boxed watches for Ph180.00 only if you would like to pickup the merchandise near Makati or in the Makati area. If there is no need for shipping I may be able to give another small discount. If shipping is needed and the fee is not that much I may be able to send it without shipping fee. But if the shipping fee is really big I may let you pay for it. You may haggle with the price of any merchandise. Thank you and have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

multicolored Swarovski bracelet

I would like to create a bracelet using the interspersed style i used as the centerpiece of this bracelet. I like the appearance of Swarovski stones in a zigzagging-like interval, if there's ever such a term.

Swarovski bracelet in 10K gold, Ph520 + shipping fee if needed. the gift box is free

The bracelet would look great for pretty women, single ladies, teens, and teeny boppers!

I accept orders. You may email me at or send your inquiries at 09196510612.

Monday, November 18, 2013

jade and Swarovski soft bangle

Like pearls, jades are cool accessories. You may use either in formal to casual occasions. Those who believe in the healing power of jade wear them each day. It is also believed that jade brings prosperity and good health to the wearer.

Ph680.00 + shipping fee if needed (the gift box is free)

I used barrel shaped real jade beads, white Swarovski crystals, 10K gold balls, 10K gold tubes, 7mm thick 10K gold wire, and a short strip of 5mm thick 10K gold wire to attach the 10K gold lock to the 7mm gold wire bangle support. 

The soft bangle is made of real 10K gold from the wires to the gold tubes and gold balls. 

You will know if a piece of jade is real if it is cool to the touch. The temperature of the surface it touches may be transferred to the jade but when it is released the jade will once again adopt the temperature of its environment (or it is once again cool to the touch). 

You may use the soft bangle at work, while out with your family or friends, or anywhere you would like to wear it. It is not like other flashy jewelry that can be used only in certain occasions. And it can go with any form of clothing whether you use it with rugged, casual, or formal wear. 

I do meetups in Makati’s commercial center at Greenbelt1-5, Glorietta, MRT Ayala, and in Dasmariñas City (bayan), Cavite. You may also text for orders and inquiries at 09196510612 or email me at

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Of all the materials I use in making accessories pearls are the ones I favour most. I love to make pearl bracelets in simple strings, as stud earrings, necklaces, or charm bracelets. No matter how simple the design is, if I use pearls the design attains a somewhat classy look. Look at this bracelet isn’t it classy?
Ph120.00 + shipping fee if needed

I used simple copper spacers in flower and tube design to let the attention remain on the lustrous pearls. To give a little hint of power, I added a tiny red agate to gather all the positive energies to the wearer. Look at that bead! 

here's another classy pearl bracelet with nickel spacers and locks

For the pearl and charms bracelets, I wrapped some small colored beads using copper wires around white agate. They made the bead more upbeat! I used copper wires, bronze spacers, a bronze angel in a heart charm, crystal beads in white and pink, pink drop beads for these charm bracelets. 

Ph120.00 + shipping fee if needed

I find wire wrapping a bit tedious, time consuming. I managed to puncture my thumbnail not just three times while wrapping some agate, too. I guess that’s some small sacrifice which often happens whenever I make wire jewelries. There are times when my thumbs and forefinger are sore enough from being bled for me to have a hard time wielding a pen or pencil. But I usually waive that awful feeling when I have to finish a wire project! I accept orders! All of the bracelets comes in cute pouches! You may choose from, violet and pink (only colors available at the moment). Or you may text me if there are other colors available. I do meetups for buyers near MRT Ayala station, Greenbelt Makati, Glorietta Makati, SM Makati, even in Dasmariñas (bayan), Cavite 


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Affordable High Quality Medical Care

Medical Health Vacation & Tourism
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1. Start the process by filling out our no-obligation online form or contact our staff at 1-(636) 527-9500.
2. Your US based Personal Assistant will then talk with you, asking important questions that will enable us to better understand your needs as we walk you through each step of the simple process.
3. Your US Assistant will then begin to research which of the hospitals and doctors we work with may be most qualified to provide you with the treatment you are looking for, using your specific information including medical records such as X-rays and MRIs.
4. We will then contact you, presenting hospitals and doctors for you to evaluate and select for your medical procedure. At this point, we will also provide you with an estimate of the costs. If you like, we can arrange a phone conference between you and the doctor or doctors who will treat you.
5. Upon arriving at your destination, you will be picked up from the airport by your Remote Assistant who will take care of you during your stay.
6. Soon after arrival, you will meet your doctor or doctors who will treat you for an in person consultation.
7. You will then undergo your medical procedure and begin recovery.
8. As soon as you have been released by your doctor, your Remote Assistant can either bring you back to the airport for your return flight home or can assist you in selecting tourism options.
9. After arriving back home, we advise that you get in touch with your family doctor and specialist to update them on the results of your trip.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

trying hard copy cat hoop earrings!

i’m still trying to perfect my craft. i am sometimes not satisfied with my own wirework so I try to look for other styles and add my own idea. i think honesty should be observed in everything you do. so I don’t have any qualms in saying I get inspiration and sometimes copy a little bit of that, a little bit of those, from other wire jewelry maker. they give insights/tips like an acorn is a chav!

a pair of hoop earrings in 10K 7mm goldwire, Swarovzki crystals in various colors, 
and 10K gold balls at Ph250.00 only + shipping fee if needed

The pair of Swarovzki earrings I did above is the third actually of that style. But my eyesight is not good in the evening. So when I made that pair I really had an uneasy wire twerking episode. J I may have to do wire hoops more often to practice the twerking!:)


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Korean love stories

what's with Korean love stories?

i grew up thinking that singkit movies (sorry folks but that's the term used by playmates and even old folks before, back at the small town where i grew up) and tv programs are not really good. they lack emotional depth. so when the K-pop invasion arrived i preferred to watch within my filmography comfort zone. but when another long weekend loomed and with nothing new to watch, i accepted an officemate's offer of copying some of her K-pop files. i tried to escape being branded mapili or arte kaya ayoko ng K-pop, so sige i said "yes, pa-kopya!"

and whatdidyaknow!

when the prince fell, both were knocked out

and opened their eyes to a new phase in their lives. . .

these two kids made me watch the whole drama without skipping!

"the moon that embraces the sun" was the first K-drama i ever watched and it reduced me to tears! bhu! huhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuu. . . !

thanks to English subtitles or else i couldn't have understood a thing. harharhaaaar! :)

this love story is about two teens who met in the palace grounds during the awarding ceremonies for the Sungkyonkuwan graduates. the attraction between them grew, and it led to marriage, heart break, unrequieted love, political upheaval, treason, murder plots, death, vengeance, and divine intervention. enough emotional roller coaster to tie me up until i finished it in 3 nights!

who wouldn't?

i got so hooked to the emotional joy of first love, look at these two! omg! their love story is so cute and heartbreaking!

i was so happy when the king relented and gave the prince his blessing so he can marry the girl he fell in love with. . .

my heart swelled with the brotherly love and faithfulness between these two, against all odds.

while the machinations of most of members the king's court made the drama more chewy
this lotus tea ceremony was presided by the queen mother (that's her hands pouring hot water over the lotus blossom) who lead and stirred the power struggle within the palace. this scene was quite symbolic, 'coz it is here where the two key villains were introduced.

after all the death and heartaches, they were lucky to find again each other . . .
thinking, if only they can run away and be together. . .

thinking that, may be happiness can be hidden behind a screen. . .

or with a eunuch who acts as chaperone(?) . . .

but they had to set things straight first to be really happy

to drive away the bad things 

to forgive and forget . . .

and finally to be happy.

haaaaaay! :)

bracelets for November

free from deadlines, i was able to make some bracelets again.
i like to work with gold wires more 'çoz gold wires are easier to manipulate than steel or copper. and they look better. :)

Php 550.00 + shipping fee if needed

i made the bracelet in the picture using red bicone Swarovzki crsytals, small bicone light orange Swarovzki crystals, 10K gold balls, 10K gold s-shaped tubes with ridges, 10K goldwire and a 10K gold lock.
thanks James for the pictures!

you can see the bracelet inside a jewelry box. the bracelets i make comes in cute jewelry boxes, and buyers think the jewelry boxes excuses the need to gift wrap the jewelry they buy for someone on a special occassion.

here is a gold bracelet in 10K gold. i used 10K gold balls in different designs and sizes, 10K gold wires, and 10K gold lock.

here is the 10K gold bracelet inside its jewelry box. Php 620.00 + shipping fee if needed

real 10K gold are used in ALL of the gold bracelets and can last for a very long time as 10K gold does and with proper care of the buyer/owner.

the jewelry boxes may vary in colors (silver, gold, yellow ochre, red, etc.) and design(red and black dots, blue and light blue dots, pink and cream dots) depending on the availability. sometimes pouches(velvet = red, pink, black; chiffon/net> hearts design=pink, red, silver, gold, green, orange, white; flowers= gold, silver, white) may be used.

you may place orders at 09196510612
meet ups: Greenbelt, MRT Makati, or Dasmariñas, Cavite
shipping fee: if needed please add to the jewelry price