Wednesday, March 13, 2013

green and loving it!

I've been trying to make jewelries for about 4 years now. It began as a hobby to fill in my boring weekends especially when everybody is having an afternoon nap and its just too hot for me to doze off.

Here are some of the things I made at the start of this year. I am trying to refine my wireworks. Actually I'm not even sure what to call the things I did. If they're wire jewelries or what. Just that I love doing these.

This is a jade bracelet. I used a jade with a heart shape and a lotus design for its main piece.

A necklace made of jade chips and its jade pendant is shaped like a gourd (believed to bring prosperity to the owner).

This bracelet is made of emerald green colored crystal beads. For 2013 the lucky color is emerald green which symbolizes wealth, abundance, and good health.