Thursday, April 18, 2013

simple designs

I am still trying to create my own simple designs, in my wire jewelry projects like the design of the bracelets. Why bracelets? I like making them, the earrings and necklaces come next lang.

This is a jade infinity charm, I knotted through the infinity openings the red synthethic leather strings. The green jade promotes good health, symbolizes and attracts wealth, and the red color of the synthetic leather connotes strength, power.

Simple and yet arresting to look at. It exudes strong energy and attracts good chi!  

And this is my first 10K gold charm bracelet, V* from the actng. dept. bought it.
I used class A emerald green glass beads, nickel accessories, and sturdy elastic strings with this bracelet. Emerald green is the color of money for 2013. Some fung shui masters promote wearing this color to attract wealth.

I like it when sunlight strikes the beads, the beads reflect the sun's light like a prism. The other bracelets with white beads reflects the sun's light in a rainbow of colors! You should see it. :)
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