Thursday, April 18, 2013

made in Macalelon, Quezon

To while away the time, I created some bracelets and a bangle made of 10K goldwire, 10K gold tubes, 10K gold locks, Swarovzki crystals and some class A glass beads (they are very clear and dazzle like real crystals) and charms like the infinity symbol.

The bangle below was made with Swarovzki crystals, 10K gold balls, 10K gold tubes, a 10K gold lock, and a 7mm 10K gold wire to which I inserted the rest of the materials.

This bracelet is made of jade, class A glass beads and nickel accessories. The charm pendant is the symbol for infinity or eternity. In oriental beliefs, especially to the Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese, and even the Japanese (I think, or you may send your comments on this), it means "forever" or being constant or always. Like constantly in good luck, constantly in good health, prosperity or wealth is forever, and so

This rosary bracelet is made of class A glass beads. This bracelet is so pretty when sunlight strikes the beads. Rainbow colors bounce off like when sunlight goes through a prism.

Another shot of the same rosary bracelet. Both pictures were not able to catch the stone's crystal-like glitter though.
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