Wednesday, February 20, 2013

rooftop prince

my fave Korean drama

if i am going to fall in love and lose like Park Ha the hurt would be much stronger and i will feel it longer than the time i endured after my first boyfriend and i parted ways and even more bitter and empty than the aftermath of my first serious relationship combined with that of how I felt when my husband had a relationship with a bad woman.

how can one survive with the thought of losing half of yourself to time restrictions?

. . . that both of you exist in different time periods? pining for each other's presence...that is very hard to bear. if you are a strong person, you can go on but your heart and mind are empty . . . sleep will not come to you easily, being alone is like being in a time warp...i have endured, so i know that what i felt is surely double of what Park Ha must have felt before Yong Tae finally woke up from coma and then they met...and reconnected . . .


if Park Ha felt so empty, it must be harder for Lee Gak. with hundred of years between them . . .