Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Horses at Greenbelt

I like to pass by Greenbelt (in Makati, me iba pa ba? heheee) in the morning not because of the high end shops(mga sarado pa at tingin lang naman! window shopping is free! heheee). I like to at least pass by the chapel and the park. I have included here some shots I took this morning. Great no? The well-maintained gardens look as if they belong to a weathy family's backyard. Well, in a way it is! The Ayala's own this place.

These pictures were taken at the back of Greenbelt (G) 5, before one goes down the stairs to the chapel.

A koi pond delights shoppers and strollers and office workers who likes to spend their lunch break in this small oasis.

 beyond the pond are a row of high end restaurants, and an awesomely delightful sculpture exhibit by Ann Pamintuan can be seen there

This horse sculpture looks better pag nakita mo sa garden mismo

The exhibit is by Anna Tiukinhoy Pamintuan

 I have never appreciated metal sculptures until I saw these horses! If only I have the money AND of course the garden to display. Maybe a big garden like where they are exhibited! :) wish! wish!

 And yep! I was too engrossed with those horses! I lost track of time and I got late again! :)

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