Monday, April 22, 2013

a day at the fish farm

Here's some  more of the pictures that was taken while we were at SIL's fish farm in Macalelon, Quezon.

That's JB walking around the place. It was noon so you can just imagine the heat! It's a good thing the river nearby made the breeze cool enough so he walked around as much as he liked.

Clear skies. The clouds disappeared after noon.

That is where the water from the river gets into the fish farm. An that's where the amount of water that gets in is controlled.

Still cloudy 

I was able to take a picture of a motorized banca passing by.

 The banca and its rider has passed the hut by the river. . .

 The banca is now a lot farther. Maybe the rider is off to the sea.

The scenery somehow makes you feel lonely. You can sense that the place is not visited often, it is so far from the town.

 That's the hut by the river bank where we took the pictures. The photos were not clear enough, some shots even look as if the day was cloudy and was about to rain. :)

JB was wary with the bamboo bridge. It quakes and creaks so he's a bit scared to cross, though he didn't admit it. :) He said he was not afraid to cross it.

Here's the bamboo bridge. :) 

Nice hut isn't it? I t would be nice to eat lunch there. 

I too would like to have a hut built on a river bank. It is so nice to just sit and look around while letting the time pass there.

My son who loves to stroll and look around. :)

 And around and around, and the heat did not faze him.

 a neighboring fish farm, that we passed by on the way home

glimpses of the river

the river

a fish farm, on our way home

the exposure or the light, whatever is hard to control. meaning di marunong kumuha ng picture ang blogger! hehehee!

same place, different shots and exposure! hay

 another shot

I realized when we were there at the farm how hard it must be for the owners and the helpers to maintain the farms. Theres a lot of hard work involved lalo at they don't have the proper equipments. You can see from the pictures alone that they do most of the work manually. That should explain why buyers should not haggle so much for low prices when it comes to fresh produce. :)

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