Tuesday, November 12, 2013

trying hard copy cat hoop earrings!

i’m still trying to perfect my craft. i am sometimes not satisfied with my own wirework so I try to look for other styles and add my own idea. i think honesty should be observed in everything you do. so I don’t have any qualms in saying I get inspiration and sometimes copy a little bit of that, a little bit of those, from other wire jewelry maker. they give insights/tips like an acorn is a chav!

a pair of hoop earrings in 10K 7mm goldwire, Swarovzki crystals in various colors, 
and 10K gold balls at Ph250.00 only + shipping fee if needed

The pair of Swarovzki earrings I did above is the third actually of that style. But my eyesight is not good in the evening. So when I made that pair I really had an uneasy wire twerking episode. J I may have to do wire hoops more often to practice the twerking!:)

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