Sunday, November 10, 2013

Korean love stories

what's with Korean love stories?

i grew up thinking that singkit movies (sorry folks but that's the term used by playmates and even old folks before, back at the small town where i grew up) and tv programs are not really good. they lack emotional depth. so when the K-pop invasion arrived i preferred to watch within my filmography comfort zone. but when another long weekend loomed and with nothing new to watch, i accepted an officemate's offer of copying some of her K-pop files. i tried to escape being branded mapili or arte kaya ayoko ng K-pop, so sige i said "yes, pa-kopya!"

and whatdidyaknow!

when the prince fell, both were knocked out

and opened their eyes to a new phase in their lives. . .

these two kids made me watch the whole drama without skipping!

"the moon that embraces the sun" was the first K-drama i ever watched and it reduced me to tears! bhu! huhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuu. . . !

thanks to English subtitles or else i couldn't have understood a thing. harharhaaaar! :)

this love story is about two teens who met in the palace grounds during the awarding ceremonies for the Sungkyonkuwan graduates. the attraction between them grew, and it led to marriage, heart break, unrequieted love, political upheaval, treason, murder plots, death, vengeance, and divine intervention. enough emotional roller coaster to tie me up until i finished it in 3 nights!

who wouldn't?

i got so hooked to the emotional joy of first love, look at these two! omg! their love story is so cute and heartbreaking!

i was so happy when the king relented and gave the prince his blessing so he can marry the girl he fell in love with. . .

my heart swelled with the brotherly love and faithfulness between these two, against all odds.

while the machinations of most of members the king's court made the drama more chewy
this lotus tea ceremony was presided by the queen mother (that's her hands pouring hot water over the lotus blossom) who lead and stirred the power struggle within the palace. this scene was quite symbolic, 'coz it is here where the two key villains were introduced.

after all the death and heartaches, they were lucky to find again each other . . .
thinking, if only they can run away and be together. . .

thinking that, may be happiness can be hidden behind a screen. . .

or with a eunuch who acts as chaperone(?) . . .

but they had to set things straight first to be really happy

to drive away the bad things 

to forgive and forget . . .

and finally to be happy.

haaaaaay! :)
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