Tuesday, November 26, 2013

simply pretty watches in cute boxes!

and that's the most awfully cute title i've ever used for one of my posts! i forgot to add a title when i posted this and i just added it this morning. :) I know it’s been almost a week since the last post. I was kind of busy. But I would like to share some pictures of cutesy watches in cutesy gift boxes for girls and girls at heart!

I’ve been trying to find these watches, ├žoz I really like the leather bracelets and the bracelets look really leather sexy if there’s such a term! You can wear them in class, to dates with your special someone, to dates with the friends, family dates, or just for going around!

The gift boxes makes it easy for you to just hand it over to the one you would like to give it to. No ribbon making and gift wrapping hassle to stress you out. And the receiver or buyer can reuse the box for trinkets, anything that you would like to store in it, or just to use it as display. The watch may come with a free extra battery, until battery supplies last.

I sell the boxed watches for Ph180.00 only if you would like to pickup the merchandise near Makati or in the Makati area. If there is no need for shipping I may be able to give another small discount. If shipping is needed and the fee is not that much I may be able to send it without shipping fee. But if the shipping fee is really big I may let you pay for it. You may haggle with the price of any merchandise. Thank you and have a nice day!

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