Thursday, December 05, 2013

yellow agate charm bracelet

Here’s the rose quartz charm bracelet and yellow agate charm bracelet I made in the same afternoon. I made a post on the rose quartz bracelet in my previous post. You may scroll down a bit to read it. 

The yellow agate beads not only looks lovely and warm on your skin, the bead can also help you reduce stress and detoxify. The bracelet is made more chic with some charms on the other half. You may wear it anywhere you would like to be.

You can have the healing and charm bracelet of your choice for Ph195.00 each (+ shipping fee). Each bracelet comes with a free pouch.:)

I made the charm bracelets with real yellow agate beads and the same is true with the rose quartz they are all real. I also used copper wires, copper spacers, nickel chains, nickel cupid pendants, long leaf pendants also in nickel, white class A glass beads, and white agate stones wire-wrapped in copper wires and small colorful beads.

free pouch!

Agates like the yellow agate are used in various ailments such as to strengthen the heart, give courage, to harmonize the heart, throat, and solar plexus, detoxify your body’s systems, reduce temperature, sharpen the mind and sight, give balance, lend eloquence, vitality and joy, mellows, bring prosperity, raise self esteem, balance extremism, aid in re-oxygenation of body, helps in regeneration during wound healing, protect from x-rays, give strength, give protection, support, aids upset stomach, clear and strengthen the lungs, rid depression, invigorate the skin.

I accept orders! Just send me a msg. Pickups can be done within Makati commercial center, MRT-Ayala station, Greenbelt, and at Glorietta Makati. All bracelets or jewelries purchased from the blogger comes with free repairs only (part replacement fees are based on price of parts only, no service fee). 
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