Tuesday, December 03, 2013

rose quartz and charms

Here is one of the new charms bracelet I made recently.This one is made of round rose quartz crystals and the other half is connected to a nickel chain with bronze finish. Pink drop glass beads, nickel with bronze finish charms, and crystallized white glass beads adorn the chain. A nickel hole and barrel lock keeps the two strands together around the wearer’s wrist.

 Ph195 + shipping fee if you’re outside Metro Manila or if you want it delivered.

Rose quarts like agates are healing stones. It is claimed by practitioners that it can help cure heart ailments, circulatory system problems, fertility, headaches, reducing wrinkles, migraines, kidney disease, sinus problems, acne, earaches, spleen problems, fibromyalgia, in helping one reach his or her ideal weight, depression, or throat problems.

It’s a pretty bracelet and most of the girls who saw them ordered for one or choosed other agates, stones, or pearls (red agate, green agate, blue agate, amethyst, tourmaline, etc.). The baby pink color of rose quartz softens the eyes and it exudes a sense of calm, content, and confidence. It soothes your emotions. Some may attribute this to rose quartz being known as a healer of emotions and it “encourages” a strong bond within the family or between emotionally related individuals.

Even Emma Stone (American actress) and Linda Evangelista (TV star and former top model) use rose quartz stone to massage across their faces three times a week “. . .to give their faces a more contoured look and to dramatically smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  The lymphatic drainage is also apparently stimulated when you use the stone, detoxifying the skin, and reduces the puffiness in the face and around the eyes. The rose quartz stone can also be used to relieve stress in the facial muscles which seem to accumulate as we age.” You can read more of this at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2513760/Can-29-rose-quartz-banish-wrinkles-Emma-Stone-Linda-Evangelista-think-so.html(accessed on 4 December 2013).

The girls I’ve shown it to liked it immediately although they are torn between the rose quartz bracelet and the yellow agate charm bracelet. Who wouldn’t? Look at the yellow agate charm bracelet, the healing power of the agate is heightened by the dangling charms!

All bracelets purchased from the blogger are accepted for free repairs (with minimal fee for gold bracelets). You may send me your msg. if you would like to order.
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