Monday, October 27, 2014

from Solsona, Ilocos Norte

Last January my family and I went to Solsona for a brief vacation. We were there to unwind and to let the kids witness the town fiesta. The kids were excited ├žoz that was the first time that they were able to appreciate their visit to the town. They were just babies when they first had their vacation there. Then the next visit my daughter was just about to turn three years old while my son was almost 7 years old.

The day we arrived was the day for the Solsona of Hawaii Association. The Mrs. Solsona of Hawaii muse and her entourage was paraded around town. It was their first time to witness a parade in my hometown so our kids were really excited.

My daughter especially was eager to see the gradeschool bands and of course the majorettes! Sadly her school don't have a band, sayang she would like to play the xylophone or try to be a majorette if the school would have a band.

The Hawaiian muse and entourage threw dollar bills, folding fans, lispticks, shorts, shirts, calendars, imported candies, and even US made perfumed hand sanitizers! My cousin said the muses from Hawaii do that in the parades. The local muses threw local candies only.
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